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What are your main fitness goals when starting with Andac Body Transformation?
For example goals based on weight, strength, girth measurements, fitness events(running) or just an fixed point in time where you want to look your best like a holiday. FURTHER EXAMPLES: STRENGTH: - Push ups: - Dips: - Chins: - Ab Crunch: - 30kg Goblet squat: - 30kg Chest Press: - 30kg Lat pulldown close grip: - 30kg Machine shoulder press: - Plank: - Chin up hold: - Push up hold: - Squat hold: - Deadlift/Squat/Bench your bodyweight CARDIO: - Beep test: - Max run time: - 1.km run: - 1 min row: 30 sec row: - 1 min bike / 30 second bike - Strength/cardio assessment time goal - 10km running event - Obstacle event (tough mudder) BODY COMPOSITION - 5kg weight loss - 5cm loss around waist
Where do you see yourself 12 weeks from now? #1 priority? What is different from now?
Holidays? Special occasions? Fitness event?
Anything you have always wanted to achieve such as compete in a running/fitness event or get back into a sport?
What are your preferences for cardiovascular exercise if required?
Recommendations based on goals
EX. 60kg (6kg fat loss) by 20/01/19
By undertaking training with Andac Body Transformation I take full responsibility for my personal safety and any injuries I may incur, plus I accept that the length of the programme is 12 weeks and payments will be made for the duration of the programme.
Client Transformations Banner_FINAL.jpg





ACCESS TO MEMBERS AREA ONLINE TRAINING PLATFORM : You will have access to the Andac Body Transformation App with your own online profile which will be used to log your progress, view your schedule for nutrition and training (with exercise videos). The benefit of this is that I can view all your information to keep you accountable and on track towards the end result. 



INITIAL GOAL SETTING SESSION : The purpose of this session is mainly to establish a direction and lay out what you could potentially achieve in 12 weeks with what you are willing to commit to around your lifestyle. We will set some big specific goals for the long term and some smaller specific goals for the mid and short term.  We will then go through a comprehensive questionnaire to help me understand your situation, preferences and body type. This will help me put together a program specifically for you to ensure optimal progress towards the desired outcome. Finally we take your measurements and “before” picture but only with your approval. 



PHYSICAL ASSESSMENTS: We will get a baseline of where you are currently at with your fitness in regards to strength and cardiovascular capacity with a couple of physical assessments. This will serve as a great method of judging your progress later down the line and help to maintain motivation levels. Its important we don’t judge all of your progress based on the scales. 



NUTRITION SESSIONS : Nutrition is going to be the main factor to contribute to your end result (80% nutrition 20% training) which is why I conduct these sessions before one on one PT. We will have 4 nutrition sessions over the 12 week period with each one giving you something new to implement to increase your rate of progress. It is more of an educational/experimentation  process rather then giving you a template meal plan. We need  to work to your preferences and figuring out what specifically  works for you. This approach increases the chance of long term sustainable change so you know exactly what you need to do to enjoy the results for the rest of your life. 



ONE ON ONE PT (WEIGHTS CARDIO AND CIRCUIT SESSIONS): The priority in the one on one PT sessions is to check in with me on how well you are sticking to the programme and how everything outside of our one on one sessions is going. You will spend a small portion of your week with me so doing the right things when your not with me is absolutely vital for results. Once this is covered the obviously the focus is exercise instruction, making sure form is correct and giving you an intense workout. Weight trainings sessions is based on metabolic training with circuits and super sets (combining exercises together with minimal rest). Cardiovascular sessions are based on boxing and body weight exercises. I include circuit training challenges to keep it fun. 



FOLLOW YOUR INDEPENDENT TRAINING PLAN: You will have access to your personalised 3 phase progressive training programme updated every 4 weeks via the smart phone app. Through the app you can watch exercise videos if needed and view the weights sets and reps you have been completing in our one on one PT sessions. As mentioned the majority of your progress will come from the time you are not with me, so its vital you follow your independent training programme. I will often get clients to continue a workout after their session with me but only if they are comfortable on what to do.



WEEKLY CHECK INS AND WEEKLY GOAL SETTING : On the first session of each week we will go through a weekly report which involves a weigh in, short review of the last week in terms of diet and training. The main purpose of this is to provide a high level of accountability and make sure your doing everything that you need to be in order to achieve your desired end result. At the end of this session we will then work together to set a goal for the following week that I believe will make the most impact (for example 3 litres of water a day 5/7 days this week). 



24/7 SUPPORT :You will have my support whenever needed either via the online app instant messaging platform or text so you’ll always have all the help, motivation or accountability you need.  I prides himself in clear explanations and continuous guidance regarding how to make the most of your programme for maximum results.  I will work closely with you to make amendments/updates to plans where necessary in order to optimize results. You will also receive updates weekly via E-mail with tips and recommendations based on your goal.



PROGRESS REVIEW EVERY 6 WEEKS : Every 6 weeks we will review your progress with a strength and cardio assessment. We will chat and review of your programme to discuss potential changes/ preferences and make sure the next 6 week phase is as suited to you as possible to maintain a steady rate of progress.



END GOAL (RESULTS GUARNTEE) : If you completely follow your program for the first 12 weeks but do not achieve the agreed result, not only will I give you your money back, I will train you for free until you do achieve the agreed result. By now you will have reached the 12 week goal we set initially if you followed the programme. We will conduct another goal session to redo your measurements, take some progress pictures and overall assess how the last 12 weeks went for you.  What I advise doing from here is setting some new 12 week goals that tie in with your mid term and long term goals. This is important to maintain progression and avoid relapse which can be very common after the initial 12 weeks.