- Expertise: Online training also allows you the opportunity to train with top fitness professionals from all over the world, not just the ones who are close to your community.  Cut out the guess work that comes when putting your trust in just any trainer and be rest assured you are in safe hands with me and my years of experience helping people similar to you (25-35 yr males). It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, my efficient programmes alongside my open minded one on one coaching style will ensure optimal progress on your fitness journey. 

- Highly personalised for top quality results: It is rare for an in person trainer to provide you with a personalised meal plan when this in fact leads to the vast majority of results. With me you will receive highly customised nutrition planning with weekly updates to keep the plan sustainable. You can be safe in the knowledge you  are on the right programme specifically for you to get the results you desire as quickly as possible, no more wasting time on inefficient  diets and workouts. 

- Ideal for those with a busy schedule (train wherever and whenever you like):  With my programmes I am sure they are designed to fit right into your busy schedule. It does not require you to drive down to the gym and meet your personal trainer at 7am, or any other time that does not really suit you. With me as your online trainer you are able to do your daily workouts wherever, and whenever, you choose. If you are uncomfortable training in a gym environment I can create a programme for you to follow from home.

You can also touch base with me via email, text, phone, or skype at a time that suits you. You can check in from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are in the world. Online training really is a perfect solution for the busy person who would like all the benefits of training with a highly qualified personal trainer, but simply cannot commit to meeting for a training session at specific times throughout the week.

- Value for money: My online training is more affordable than in-person training especially for the value you get.  The standard quote for in person training is anywhere between $60-$100+(usd) which if you see a trainer just 3x/wk works out to $180-$300  per week.  In addition to paying a trainer for his or her time, you would also have to pay for club overhead. In essence you can get a better trainer then to direct you towards your desired result but at a fraction of the cost with my online coaching!



On signing up you will be prompted to set up your online account and complete the initial questionnaire to allow for full personalisation (programmes start the following Monday and last for 12 weeks) . I will design the first phase of your programme and have it to you within 3 days of completing the questionnaire.

We will run through an initial assessment to get a baseline of where you are currently at in regards to body composition and with strength to weight ratio with a bodyweight exercise strength and endurance test, a series of measurements and progress pictures. This will serve as a great method of judging your progress later down the line  and maintain motivation levels.

You will receive training programme will be sent out in 4 weeks phases that ensure progression towards the training goals you express in the initial questionnaire. You will have a specific schedule for each week all clearly visible through your online profile which also includes exercise videos for every exercise in your programme with full teaching points to make sure that your technique is correct and you know exactly what you are meant to be doing.

In terms of your nutrition programme you will receive updates weekly. I work out the number of calories, meal frequency and macro nutrient split that I would like to see you on based on my assessment.The first weeks of your nutrition programme will be based on guidelines to narrow down on your preferences and what is working for you. In the later weeks we incorporate more structured meal plans and give you the tools to design your own down the line.This approach increases the chance of long term sustainable change so you know exactly what you need to do to enjoy the results for the rest of your life.

The meals included in your plan will be selected based on your food preferences and intolerance's. Meals are designed to be simple and convenient yet tasteful.  They are specifically designed to be suitable for those that do not cook very often and are short on time. There is still plenty of nutrient diversity and variation included. You definitely wont be eating strict bodybuilder style meals that are boring and repetitive.

Your nutrition programme works in conjunction with your training programme and each days caloric intake and macro nutrient splits reflects the training you are going to do. Caloric intake is calculated based on your height, weight, age and activity level and body type.

In regards to supplements I’m not a major endorser of the majority. They should act as a supplement to a good diet as the name suggests, however there are situations they can be beneficial (Just do not rely on them too much. For example a whey protein shake might be a convenient way to consume nutrients when the alternative would have been a missed meal (a nutritional meal would be more beneficial)

All online personal training customers will have 24/7 support from me via the online instant messaging platform plus access to a private Facebook group for questions. I will check in with you regularly  to assess progress and work closely with you to make amendments/updates to plans where necessary in order to optimise results. For those questions that require a more in depth answer you have the option to book in a check in call once every 4 weeks via a booking calendar. 

Every 6 weeks I will review your progress with another fitness test, more measurements and progress pictures. We  will then chat on the phone to have an in depth review of your programme to discuss potential changes/ preferences and make sure the next 6 week phase is as suited to you as possible to maintain a steady rate of progress.


Generally a lot of my clients have noticeably more energy after only 2 weeks, are generally happier and are sleeping better. This is often the result of increased activity levels and a non-inflammatory diet. You will begin to feel muscles more you were not aware of. Between 4-6 weeks you will experience significant visual change which could be looking leaner or noticeable gain in muscle size depending on your goals. 


I do not use template plans, training and nutrition programs are designed specific to the individual in every case to ensure optimal results. I take great pride in being a fitness coach and providing a comprehensive fitness coaching service that is based on many years of experience (since 2013).

I have developed systems to allow for a speedy delivery of programmes but I do not compromise the bespoke nature of the programming. Each programme varies  based on body type, body composition, exercise experience, current fitness levels, Injuries, preferences, equipment availability and specific goals

That really depends on how close you were to your final goal when we started the training program. Some clients have achieved a great deal of progress over their 12 weeks programme and feel confident going alone. Others prefer to continue on to a 24 week training program and beyond. Again, this will depend on the level of change we need to achieve and the degree to which the coaching relationship is preferable to training alone.

As much as I love being an online coach to my clients, its also my job to equip people with enough fitness knowledge and resources to be able to take control of their fitness and maintain their desired outcome  for the rest of their life independently. I don't want you to have to need me long term but there is the option to continue receiving programming for another 12 week phase. Maybe you want would like to work towards a different goal,(i.e from fat loss onto a muscle gain plan) or just keep your training and diet plans updated regularly. 


No you actually don't, because each program is personalised I can work with your situation and you have available to you. Where you do not have gym access and are in need of some pieces of equipment to achieve your goal, I can make those recommendations.




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