Remember this name, Joshar Andac, because we reckon he'll be making tidal waves in the fitness industry especially now he's fresh off a recent win at the World Fitness Championships!

He also just so happens to be one of our fantastic sponsored athletes β€“ not too shabby for someone who's just 21-years-old, don't you think?

A self-proclaimed skinny kid, Joshar started working out at an early age because he was fed up with the skinny stereotype. Things began simply enough with some press-ups and sit-ups but soon he hit his school gym and quickly developed a passion for weights.

He also began researching the benefits of nutrition and diet and quickly saw his hard work pay off. He set up an online profile to document his transformation and it didn't take long for the phone to start ringing off the hook from fitness photographers wanting to capture his incredible physique on film.

Things spiralled from there and the natural next step for this young athlete was to step onto the competition stage. He entered his first competition in August 2013 not really expecting much as he didn't feel his physique was up to standard. Imagine his surprise when he was announced the winner!

This win fed his desire for bigger and better things and he knew competing was going to be his golden ticket to boosting his fitness profile so he entered the World Fitness Championships (2014) with a steely determination to do well.

And he did better than "well," for he walked away with a win!

Now he's decided to take a short break from competing, as he wants to gain lean mass for WBFF in 2015 as well as focus on his final year at Brunel University studying Industrial Design…


Recently I have been incorporating supersets with nearly every exercise and working in the higher rep ranges, especially coming up to the competition .

During the early stages of competition prep I incorporated a lot of strength and power training.For example if I was to do 5 sets of chest press I would do 6 reps then 4 reps then down to 2 reps then back up to 4 reps and 6 reps with at least 90 seconds rest in-between sets.

I was also strict with my time under tension making sure to control the weight on the eccentric phase and be explosive on the concentric phase. I actually managed to put on a lot of size and strength with this training especially when I moved back to hypertrophy style training as I was lifting more weight for the 8-12 reps.....